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How Whey Blast™ Is Made!

Whey Blast™ is produced in Sharp Labs™ parent affiliate multi million dollar nutrition production lab with the highest of standards in every bottle. Here we would like to give you a brief description on how Whey Blast™ is actually produced.

Whey refers to the watery portion of milk remaining after coagulation (the process commonly known as curdling) occurs. The exact makeup of whey is dependent on the source of milk and the manufacturing process used. Whey commonly includes a rich blend of lactose (a carbohydrate sometimes referred to as milk sugar), minerals and proteins. Whey can be manufactured in a whey processor just like the one below. Yes they are strange looking contraptions but the price of a good whey processor can be in the hundreds of thousands dollar range!

Whey is created during the cheesemaking process when fluid milk, which includes caseins and proteins, is turned into cheese with the addition of specific bacteria and enzymes. As these bacteria metabolize the lactase in the milk, lactic acid is produced.

This lactic acid reduces the pH level of the milk from around 6.7 to a level of approximately 5.3, which causes the casein proteins to denature and coagulate. Due to their acidic nature, whey proteins do not break down at pH 5.3, but are trapped within the casein gel that forms. Cheese manufacturers cut this gel, releasing the whey and accompanying proteins from the casein curd. The whey is removed and used for processing in a variety of ingredients. Producing a pound of cheese results in about nine pounds of whey.

Whey becomes a dry product (which simplifies use and handling) through an assortment of processing techniques. Different processing procedures affect whey’s caking tendency, lactose crystallization rate, freewater content and other factors important to food technologists.


Benefits of Whey Blast™: Whey Blast™ is an important supplement for all types of bodybuilders and athletes. It is made up of essential and non-essential amino acids, which are the "building blocks" for healthy bodies. Whey Blast™ has a number of different roles in the body including the following:

Repair body cells
Build and repair muscles and bones
Provide a source of energy
Control many of the important processes in the body related to metabolism.

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